Life on Crutches

Not getting my burn on daily is putting a crimp into my lifestyle.  And by lifestyle I mean ability to eat unlimited Oreos.  Not cool.

So I’m trying to adapt.  I’ve cut around 300 cal/day, cut back on fruit in favor of more veggies.  Unfortunately, my stomach disagrees with this decision.

I am doing what I can in the gym.  Which right now consists of a lot of upper body and ab work, and the arm cycle.  Yes, the ARM CYCLE.

(Because my abs look like that.  Right). I’m getting dirty looks from the 80 year old ladies when I go over the allotted 15 minutes on the 1 machine they have at the Y.  And despite what that picture shows, it is not THAT much fun.
My goal is to do what I can until the boot comes off at Christmas and go into PT and recovery with a head start on the upper body conditioning I wanted to start anyway.  And try not to eat all of the things during the holidays.  We’ll see.

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