New Gear is the Best!

So what’s the best thing to do when you can’t run?  Buy running gear, of course!  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve added to the ol’ gear collection because, hey, I need to treat myself, right? I mean, I’m going through an ordeal here.  Andplusalso the amazing pre Black Friday/Black Friday/pre Christmas sales going on.  So I splurged a little.  But think of all the cash I saved from buying on sale!

A new addition to my beloved SparkleSkirts collection, this time in Bourdeax Peacock.  I love all of the pockets and built in compression shorts, and of course the sparkly glittery-ness that these skirts have.

A couple of new Oiselle shirts on a great sale.  I’m not sure about the short sleeve one, but I haven’t taken the 13.1 one off since I got it.  It has thumbholes y’all.

Raw Threads, another favorite.  I have LOTS of their Disney themed shirts and I couldn’t resist adding these to my collection.  I haven’t tried their running skirts before, and I’m not sure about the bamboo fabric on my thighs in an Alabama summer, but it might be great for every day wear.

Gotta hydrate, ya know?

Between all that and what’s on my Christmas list, I should be set for at least 18 running seasons.  The Girl Scouts taught me all about being prepared!

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