An Injury Update & Racing Plans

Well, my post-Christmas doctor’s appointment didn’t go quite as I expected.  My foot is about 80% healed and I have a follow-up later this month.  I did however, get to buy these lovelies.

I can use them for walking, driving, stationary biking and the elliptical.  I will be stylin’ at the Y!

I can’t believe how much muscle mass and strength I’ve lost in 6 short weeks.

leg comp pic

Luckily, I haven’t lost any weight though!  Yay.

I’m also allowed to use the pool.  I ordered a aqua jogging belt and made an attempt at making a pool running plan.  Pool running is probably the most boring thing in the world, but FAR better than arm cycling.  I’m in for a few weeks of physical therapy after my next appointment, and can likely start running some in February. I had to pull out of the Disney Minnie Mouse 10K because my foot just isn’t up to even walking that distance.  This was a real bummer, but I need to take things carefully and slowly to make sure I don’t re-injure myself.

I’m actually looking forward to the PT and being able to do more lower body workouts.  It’s like a New Year, New Foot sort of thing.

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