What I’ve Learned: Pool Running Edition

Ever since my last doctor’s appointment, I’ve been here 3 days a week.

The first thing I did when I found out I could pool run was order an aquabelt and start watching youtube.  I wanted to be prepared and all.

Nothing prepared me for how boring pool running really is.  I don’t have a waterproof ipod and they don’t play music at the pool, so it’s just me and my thoughts.  And usually 47 thousand swim team-ers.  Gah.

So here’s what I’ve learned in my first couple of weeks of pool running:

1.  I’m not one of those zen, just-me-and-my-thoughts type of people.  I need something to distract my brain while I work out. I’m trying to combat the boredom by doing intervals.
2. I also get distracted easily.  I can’t just zone out like I can running. Start thinking about the grocery list, and BOOM, I’m just doggy paddling.
2.  Pool management at my pool sucks.  Three quarters of the pool are taken by different swim teams at any given time, and aqua aerobics takes care of another 1/8th.  Um, I pay my money same as you, so I deserve a little place in the pool, right?
3.  People do not like to share the pool.  I’ve been dive-bombed, stared at, fussed at and very nearly kicked.  And I’m just one tiny person taking one-half of a lane, doing the only cardio I’m allowed to do right now.
4. Pool running can make you of breath and a little sweaty, but my legs don’t feel worked out at all.  They do feel a little tired after.  It’s hard for me to reconcile in my brain that indeed I am getting a workout.
5. Anytime I get near a pool I am starving for the rest of the day.
6. Chlorine is hell on the fingernails.

I’ve got probably another 3 weeks or so of this before maybe perhaps I can put on my Newtons and start to wog around again.  I hope it all pays off and I won’t have lost too much of my measly fitness.

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