Volunteering, Not Running

I was supposed to run the Rock n’ Roll NOLA this past weekend.  When I first broke my foot I asked Dr. Roca about doing a February half and he just laughed at me.  *Sad Face*.  But Mark and my sister were still gonna run, so I could either:
a. stay home and sulk,
b. go with them and sulk,
c. volunteer

I picked C.  It was my first experience volunteering at a race.  I wanted to sign up to give out medals, but the shift was too long, so I picked starting line.   But first, the expo!

There was lots of shopping at our favorites, and then this happened:

No comment.

My shift started at 5:30 a.m. which was really early.  They were short on volunteers, so there was only one of us per corral to watch bib numbers, hold the rope and the marker sign, and generally make sure people got to the right place.  People, if you can, volunteer at a race!  Volunteers are the ones making sure your day goes smoothly.  And please don’t argue with us, we are only doing what we are told.

I ran around once my corral made it to the start and watched Mark and our friend Sarah start the race.

Then I high-tailed it to the finish to watch both of them and my speedy sister finish their races.  Mark had some ITB problems, but still finished a sub-3:00 half.  I was so proud of all of them, and had a terrific time cheering with my signs and cowbell.  Of course, I would’ve rather been running and had that shiny medal around my neck at the end, but that will happen in time I suppose.

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