Doing better than Bob Costas’ eye

Poor ol’ Bob and his pink eye.

On Monday I started physical therapy.

I’ve been really looking forward to PT.  My foot seems very weak to me, and my toes are really stiff and painful.  I have a hard time standing or walking for a long period of time.  Plus I want to come out of this having built my strength back and ready to run. As it turns out, I’m already in pretty good shape.  Who knew?

My PT Deanna says that my flexibility and strength are both functionally normal, but that its just not up to my higher, active standard.  She’s going to help get me there, which will happen fairly quickly. (God I hope my insurance company doesn’t read this blog!) BUT I still won’t be able to run for a few more weeks.  My old friend doubt is starting to creep in when I watch other runners.  I start to think “Gosh, how was I ever able to do that?  A half marathon is a really long way!)  But I’m trying really hard to quiet that voice and keep focused on first, my recovery, and second, starting out back at Couch to 5K and taking things very very slow.  It will all come in time.

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