Walking the Biggest Loser 5K #blrwmobile

Yeah, so I can’t run right now.  But nobody said I couldn’t walk!  When I saw a Biggest Loser race was coming to town, I signed right up, boot and all.  I knew the half marathon was out, but I figured I could hobble my way through a 5K with no time limit.  And the swag was too good to pass up.  A tech shirt, bag, medal, and free race pictures!

The Biggest Loser races encourage both running and walking, which I think is a great way to encourage people at all points in their fitness journey.  When I signed Mark and I up a week after Wine and Dine, I stupidly thought I’d be back running at least a little, and I signed us up for the running category.  Ha ha ha, joke’s on me!  Mark had been having some IT band issues since the NOLA Rock n’Roll half the weekend before, so we were all for walking.

The start was pretty confusing because apparently we started in waves, but there was no marked corral and no separation between walkers and runners.  We joined the long line of folks at the start, and ended up being in Corral 3.  I don’t know how many corrals there were.

The only time I set eyes on any Biggest Loser former contestants was at the start line.  Although I think Frannie and Gina ran the 5K ahead of me.

Being the weekend before Mardi Gras starts (Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras. Suck it, NOLA.), the race had a Mardi Gras themed.  I wore my purple Sparkle Skirt and Pro Compression socks to be festive.  We met up with a couple of Joe Cain’s Merry Widows and I had to take a picture, because how often do you get to chat with those lovely ladies?
The course took us through a couple of historic neighborhoods and through downtown Mobile.  Other than our big oak trees, there wasn’t a whole bunch to see along the route.  It was nice and flat, though.
With both of us injured, we totally expected to take at least an hour to finish.  We surprised ourselves by finishing in 54:XX, without really even pushing ourselves.  I thought the race was pretty well run with good race support, and I hope they come back next year and I can participate in RUNNING the half marathon.

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