I Can Run, I Can Run, I Can Run!

I haven’t been so giddy and excited since Christmas!  I thought this day would never come. Last week my foot was feeling tons better and I asked my PT (again) if I could start running.  She wanted me to bring my shoes to my next appointment (yesterday) so she could evaluate my form and stride, but also that I could start to run a little in the mean time if I felt up to it.  I didn’t leave the office and immediately run 6 miles, but it was pretty close to that.

I waited until the next day and started on my recovery plan.  I’m planning to do as much as I can on softer surfaces, like the indoor track at the Y and the high school outdoor track.  Everything I’ve read says to start back slow, so I’ve put together a combination of Jeff Galloway and Couch to 5K plans to get my mileage back up and help improve my endurance at the same time.

Week 1: 25 minutes – run 15 seconds, walk 1-2 minutes x2
Week 2: 30-40 minutes – run 30 seconds, walk 1-2 minutes x 3
Weeks 3-11 – Couch to 5K plan

You can see I’m running for minutes, not miles right now.  I’m focusing on endurance and increasing my running intervals.  Since I don’t have any races coming up on the calendar, this should put me in a good place for when I do start to train again.  I’m not gonna lie, though: it’s tough not to see those weekly mileage totals where I’d like them to be.  But starting back at C25K was my plan all along, even before my injury.  I didn’t have enough base built up to train for the races I did, which left me struggling and disappointed with myself.  I don’t want to have to worry whether or not I’ll be able to finish when I line up at the start line next time.

What do you think of my training plan?  Have any experience coming back from an injury and want to give me some advice?  Will my Sparkle Skirts help me recover faster?  Leave a comment!

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