Race Bucket List

Since I’m starting to get back on my feet, I’m starting to think about races.  It was really tough a couple of weeks ago to see all the social media surrounding Disney World Marathon Weekend, knowing I had to give up on the 10K.  So I’ve been dreaming of what I want to do once I can.  In an ideal world, someday I’ll do these races.

In no particular order:

Key West Half: Mark and I loved our visit to Key West a few years ago.  And who doesn’t want a medal that doubles as a wine stopper!

Space Coast Half: I’ve always had a love of space, so to get to run in the shadow of where the shuttle used to be would be so exciting.  Spoiler alert:  the 2014 medal is just too good to pass up.  Mark and I registered.  I signed up before I was released to run.  Maybe not the smartest thing in the world.

Kentucky Derby Half:  Because I’ve always wanted to go to the Derby.  Running through Churchill Downs in a Derby hat is almost as good.

Disney Princess Half:  Although I’m a little disappointed in the medal for 2014.  Maybe 2015 will be better.

Disneyland Tinkerbell Half: My big dream is to run the Coast to Coast challenge, and I like the looks of the Tink course.  And they’ve moved the race to Mother’s Day weekend.  2015 is starting to look optimistic…

Disneyland Half: Totally because of the ginormous D medal!

Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas:  Vegas is one of Mark’s and my favorite cities.  We honeymooned there.  I know this race has had some organizational problems in the past, but I’d risk it to run down the Strip at night.

Gasparilla Half: Because all of my race decisions are determined by the bling.  And I like flat courses.

Mississippi Blues Half: I’ve just heard this is a great race.  And I have friends in Jackson, so no hotel costs!

Oh yeah, and I want to become a Half Fanatic.

So what’s on your race bucket list?  Any fantastic races I’m missing out on?  Post it here!

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