Is it September already?

There’s nothing like 6 month old race recaps, right?  While I’m sure reading about my 30 second run intervals has been fascinating, I think y’all probably would like some more interesting content and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here.  But the Saints Back to Football 5K last September IS my standing 5K PR, so why not give y’all a recap?
There was no expo or anything, but we did run in to one of our favorite friends in New Orleans, George at packet pick up.

We went all out showing our support for the Saints.  Like I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve visited the Who Dat Nation and I’m not sure I want citizenship there, but we do like the team.

What attracted us to this race: A medal for a 5K (you know I love the bling!), and getting to finish on the 50 yard line of the Super Dome.  The down side to this race: running in NOLA in early September.  It was super hot and humid, even though we’re used to the heat and humidity and had been training in it all summer long.  The lack of shade coming back up Poydras and around the Dome didn’t help this at all.  There was little course support, with only 1 water stop and no sports drinks to replenish all that lost salt.  I know it was only a 5K, but it was SO hot they really needed one more water stop.  
Mark and I did our Galloway intervals from the start, and we picked up a friend along the way.  A man and woman were running together in the first mile.  She was an experienced runner, but this was his first race, and he was really struggling. When we told him we were doing the run/walk method, he announced loudly to his partner “I’m running with them!”  He stuck with us the whole way, and helping him along motivated me when I started to struggle with the heat. 
Oddest thing on course:  Passing the guy who was taking a walk break at mile 2.5 because he was also taking a smoke break.  Really!?

Even with the heat I broke 45 minutes to get a half PR of 44:16 (hey, I never claimed to be speedy!).  I really believe that I would’ve broken 40:00 had there been a second aid station, but oh well, I was still happy with my time, and it really was a fun race.

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