Happy April!

I am so glad it’s finally April. March weather here in the South was just crazy.  We would go from freezing temperatures to the mid-70’s in literally 36 hours, and then back again 2 days later.  Just great for the sinuses, I tell you.

Couch to 5K has been going really well. I’m up to Week 3 and doing ok.  My foot is still weak and I’m dutifully doing my home PT exercises, but running isn’t causing any pain, just discomfort after.  I’ve been running only on the springy track at the high school or on the pretty new pavement in my neighborhood, avoiding cement at all costs.  Eventually I’ll have to go back to that because that’s all our running paths are where I live.

A couple of weeks ago we drove down and spent a couple of days in Disney World.  We are new Disney Vacation Club members and this was the first time we got to use our points.  We went for the Flower and Garden Festival.  I love seeing EPCOT decorated for spring!

It’s also the first trip we’ve been on since last May that didn’t involve a race, so it was really nice to have a little vacation.  One of the advantages to not having children is to be able to be flexible with travel plans, and we usually take at least 1 big vacation a year and a couple of long weekends.

‘Til November, Mickey!

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