I got some new shoes on

The very first thing I did when I was released to run was to get fitted for new shoes.  I don’t know that my beloved Newtons contributed to the break, but I’m not taking any chances, so I went over to Run-N-Tri and hopped on the treadmill.  It was a close contest between the Brooks PureCadence 3 and the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13, but the winner was:

I loved the Mizunos, but the arch support seemed to hit my arch in a funny place.  I’ll still try them if I can find a good closeout deal on them.

I haven’t been in a stability shoe since my very first pair of Newtons, so I was a little anxious about that.  And obviously they only had one pair in my size because there’s no way I would choose navy blue over bright pink!  But I love the arch support and the cushion of the insoles.

So far I’ve put about 25 miles on them, and I’m really liking them.  I kinda miss the forefoot lugs on the Newtons, but the cushy ride outweighs that.  My biggest complaint is that they are LOUD, especially on the track.  At first I thought I heard somebody coming up behind me, but no, it was MY OWN SHOES!  They are a little quieter on the road.

I did go to another store and tried on the Brooks Transcend (because I am a shoe whore).  The salesman there told me that the PureCadence are a good lightweight shoe for shorter miles, but not a good workhorse when training for longer races.  I think I’ll wear the PureCadences until I start training for my fall half, and switch over to the Trancends then.

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