Logging the Miles – Literally

In my world, a run doesn’t count unless those miles get recorded.  And I love to sit and pour over my run data and my weekly and monthly mileage.  More date (and pretty graphics) is always better, and that’s why I’m currently letting my Garmin sync with 3 different websites.

Garmin Connect

Garmin’s native website.  It captures all the basic data and mapping that my 220 captures.

It’s also where I can build workouts to send to my watch.  Awful handy when I have, say, Couch to 5K run/walk intervals.  My 220 beeps and vibrates, so I don’t have to watch the clock (and don’t have a built-in reason to see how.much.longer I have to run).

There’s a calendar that schedules the workouts and tracks my runs, but only my runs without entering other workouts manually.

I never loved the Garmin Connect dashboard interface, and now they have updated it to be more modern and flashy, and I REALLY hate it! At least the old one had information right on the dashboard, now I have to hunt it down.

Running Ahead

This is my main tracking log.  It’s simple and its free.  The dashboard has pertinent information like weekly and monthly totals, types of runs, pace over time, and countdown clocks for races.

Logging workouts of any type easily, even though anything but running you have to do manually.  Runs sync from my Garmin.

There’s a place to keep up with shoe mileage too, so I don’t have to keep a separate spreadsheet. My favorite feature is the ability to make and schedule training plans, including target paces and cross training.  Running Ahead will even email you that day’s scheduled workout.  I spend way to much time putting together training plans here!


Basically I have a Strava account because I like the graphic way it presents my runs.  The data it keeps is pretty duplicative to Running Ahead and Garmin Connect, but prettier.

My 220 syncs with the site, and I could add other activities manually, but I don’t want to.  It also tracks my shoe mileage and weekly and monthly totals.

The topo mapping looks super nice, and one neat thing is that it syncs with Instagram, so it picks up when I load an IG picture from my run (although, to be honest, this has only worked for me about 50% of the time.  I’m sure its user error).

I really like the idea of the social aspect of this website.  You can link with your friends, and give each other kudos.  Anybody else on Strava that wants to be my friend?

I do have a Training Peaks account but I’ve never put data there.  For one, I don’t want to lose my entire history of running, not do I want to have to manually enter 2 years worth of runs.  Andplusalso, I find the interface to be very confusing.  Sure, I could watch the tutorials and figure it out, but do I want to?  I just don’t think there’s anything it does that my plethora of other websites don’t.  Convince me I’m wrong??

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