Just add some Tequila and a slice of Lime

It is HOT here right now.  And humid.  Just ridiculously hot and humid.  Like, just walk outside and start pouring sweat kinda hot and humid.

I powered through last summer’s training schedule with the mantra “Hydrate hydrate hydrate,” but I suffered, and after the heat exhaustion debacle that was the 2013 Tower of Terror 10-Miler, I knew this summer was going to have to be different.  Other than planning better so I don’t start half marathon training ’til September (tee hee), I’ve been making a conscious effort to better regulate my electrolytes and make sure to incorporate those salts.

I eat a pretty low salt diet, so I’ve been adding more salt to my food (unlike the majority of the US population).  The bulk of my electrolytes comes from my favorite hydration, Nuun tabs.  As it gets warmer, I’m adding these to my water 2, even 3 times a day, plus taking some in my handheld and drinking at least one after my run.
I’m just like Kara!
I seriously need to buy stock in this company.  All of this might seem a bit of overkill for 3 mile runs, but I sweat A LOT.  By the time I get done running those paltry 3 miles, I look like I just got out of the pool.  Don’t run at my left shoulder or you’ll be subjected to the spray!  Even with all of this Nuun I was bonking and getting muscle and stomach cramps.  So lately I’ve added these to the mix.
Salt tabs have really turned my runs around.  No cramps, little heat fatigue, and I make it through my runs feeling pretty great.  I’m using these, but there may be others out there.  I’ve got a bottle of 100 on their way to me as we speak.
One other thing I’ve learned is that, because your body is exerting more effort to run in the heat and humidity, you are burning more calories than normal.  Although I’m only running about 3 miles at a pretty moderate pace, I need to take a couple of chews about 2/3 of the way through.  As mileage increases (and the length of the run), I plan to start taking a Gu at about the 40 minute mark.  I’m not saying this is the be all and end all, but hopefully I’m starting to nail down a good fueling strategy that will make running and racing a more pleasant experience.

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