Pre-training: weeks 2 & 3

Apparently I have bruised the heel pad of my not-broken foot, and it’s taking forever to heal.  It hurts to stand and walk on, but not so much to run.  So my running intervals aren’t too bad, but walk breaks are excruciating.  Maybe I should do away with them?  Yeah, right.

Week 2
Mon: run 35 minutes – Saw a water moccasin.  A LIVE water moccasin.  I ran faster.
Tues: yoga?  weights
Wed: run/walk 48 min – OMG I thought I was going to DIE!  By far the hottest run this summer, and its just going to get worse.  Ugh.

Thurs: weights Rode my sweet cruise bike around the neighborhood.
Fri: rest
Sat: run/walk 48 min – Just a great run.  I wish every run was like this one
Sun: weights rest

Week 3
Mon: run/walk 42 min
Tues: yoga or weights – weights.  I still can’t straighten out my arms.
Wed: run/walk 49 min run 2 mi  – Swapped Wednesday and Thursday because of the 102+ degree heat index, and I’m not willing to spend an hour on a treadmill.  The interior of the YMCA was approximately 11 degrees warmer than outside.
Thurs: run 2 mi run/walk 49 min – I finished, but in this humidity it wasn’t pretty.
Fri: rest

Sat: run/walk 49 min – thank you Hurricane Arthur!  We have humidity down near 65%.  Spring has returned!
Sun: weights

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