Pre-training week 4 and Back to Weight Watchers

So last week, I clicked the “Join Now” button for the third time in my life.  Since April I’ve put on 7 lbs., and I’m inching too close to comfort to that 150 number.  Now, I know weight loss isn’t all about the scale, and I can see that I’m putting on muscle, but I’m also not losing fat.  My clothes are not getting any looser.  I’ve been half-assed tracking using My Fitness Pal, but I guess I have a problem setting the right targets for myself, and I need more accountability.  I need to get rid of these pounds permanently before half marathon training cranks up in the fall.  So it’s back to Weight Watchers I go.

The program worked great the first time I was on it.  I just let myself get a bit out of control.  The second time they had swapped to the new Points+ system, and it just didn’t work for me.  To be fair, my heart really wasn’t in it that time.  This time I’m also tracking using My Fitness Pal to get a better idea of calories and macros, in addition to points.  I’m giving it my all for three months.  Wish me luck.

On to the training side of things…

Monday morning the happy little weatherman let us know that this week’s dew points would go from “uncomfortable” to “oppressive.” Like, really, this is the actual scale.

Mon: run/walk 42 minutes
Tues: yoga / weights
Wed: run/walk 49 min
Thurs: run 2 miles  yoga – My left shin wanted to give me some problems this week, so I thought it was wise to take the day off and stretch a lot.
Fri: rest
Sat: run/walk 56 min
Sun: weights

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