Pre Training Week 5

Polar Vortex!!!  Thanks to this crazy weather, we actually had a couple of days this week with less than 98% humidity!  In July, people!  It was still hot, so it didn’t really make running any more pleasant, though.

I started back down the road of self-doubt this week.  I’ve worked really hard since February to not doubt myself so much, but missing a couple of runs the last couple of weeks + running with shin pain + getting closer to actual half marathon training really got to me this week.  The furthest I’ve run since November has been 3.5 miles, and I just can’t imagine making it another 9.6.  Part of my brain knows I can do it, I have done it, and I have plenty of time to build up to it, that I am running stronger and faster than my last training cycle, and that I’ll have a good race.  But some days the worry that I’m not running enough miles, that I’m not getting significantly faster, that the training plan I’ve picked is too tough, and that I’m going to get injured overwhelm the positive feelings.  Frankly, I think improper fueling and the oppressive heat have a lot to do with all of these negative thoughts, so I need to watch that better, and do everything I can to stay in the positive zone.

Mon: run/walk 42 minutes  20 min. walk:I was super tired today and just couldn’t push myself to run.
Tues: yoga / weights
Wed: run/walk 48 min – This one was ugly.  And I’m still having the shin splint issue in my left leg.  Ugh.
Thurs: run 2 miles 
Fri: rest weights
Sat: run/walk 56 min – We headed to the Y, dreading the treadmill the whole way, because of the rain.  But on the way we saw some other folks out running, and by the time we parked, it had stopped raining, so we hopped on the path across the street and got our (very hilly) miles in.
Sun: weights  rest – Got back in town from a quick trip to a family wedding, so no time to work out today.

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