Going to the Voodoo Doctor

I’ve never had any use for chiropractors.  I’m sorry to offend anyone, but as somebody who has stainless steel for a spine, I just never saw what they could do for me.  But being sidelined with #stupidshinsplint, I’m desperate.

I heard about a great sports chiro through the grapevine, and once I saw he had worked magic with the LSU football team, I figured it couldn’t be all bad. Since I have great insurance, I made an appointment.

I learned some new and interesting things from Dr. Justin.

1.  Newtons are evil shoes that 99% likely caused my metatarsal break.

2.  My spine curves a whole lot more than I would like it to, considering how it resembles the Eiffel Tour in structure.

3. Evidently I had a stress fracture in my left tibia last fall that healed on its own.  Probably while I healed my other broken bone.

4.  My hips are more uneven than I had even suspected.  My right hip is a good inch higher than my left, so of course I’m having shin splints.  The bone in my left hip is also degenerating AND I have a bone spur.  How do I even get out of bed in the mornings??

On the upside, after one visit with Dr. Justin and his magic hands, my shin splint is nearly gone, and my left hip is happier.  I think after all these years it doesn’t understand how not to be tense and in knots, so it feels kinda funny.

Needless to say, I’m not running for right now.  At least so far the good doctor hasn’t recommended I give up running completely and resign myself to pool activities for the rest of my life, so that is a positive.

As sick as I am of being injured and hurting all the time, I’m more concerned now for my long-term prognosis.  Funny, until last week I was plodding along just fine, bothered by pain and discomfort but not letting it affect my attitude or activity level.  One look at my xrays and now I’m worried about carrying my purse while I walk, much less distance running.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  I guess until my left leg just gives out completely I’ll continue on, though.

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