Senior Bowl 10K 2014 Recap

Just before I left for D.C. for work, and when I say “just,” I mean a few hours, Mark and I ran the Senior Bowl Charity Run.  I ran the same 10K last year – my first and only so far – and set my baseline at 1:27:XX.  And likely with 2 stress fractures and a broken foot.  But since I had actually trained last year, I knew I probably wouldn’t do better this year.  In fact, I knew it would likely be a DFL, but I had 7 on the schedule, and the swag is a nifty long sleeved tech shirt.

Last year it was super hot for November, so on Wednesday I checked the weather.

I’m not ready for winter.

So I hit up the only place to only place to go for some high fashion throw away gear, the Goodwill store, and picked us up some nice stuff.  Got me some Juicy Couture velour track pants.  Only the best, you know.

So glad I did too, because we pulled up downtown to this:

No kidding.  It was somewhere around 40 degrees with wind gusts around 25 mph.  Everybody was pressed up against buildings trying to stay warm, and had to be drug out kicking and screaming to the start line.  So we could get in our scheduled miles, Mark and I ran a mile warm up, and it helped.  Some.

While the organizers fiddled around with where they wanted the start to be, I kicked off my sweats and ran into these girls who both went on to PR in the cold.

I made it my plan to run this a supported training run, which I’m usually not to good at, but maybe because I had no expectations, or maybe because I’ve run the course before, I did a pretty good job.  I kept my pace nice and even, fueled where I planned to, and pretty much put it on long, slow cruise.  I was also pretty happy to see there were a few walkers, meaning I would actually finish ahead of a handful of people.

Around mile 4, the Garmin started doing some really weird things.  Maybe it was solar flares?  Regardless, it was annoying, and I couldn’t use it to see exactly how far I had to go or what my pace was, because it certainly wasn’t 4:00 miles.

It still frustrates me that I can’t know what my splits were in the second half, because I feel like they were pretty even, but I’d really like to know for sure.  Regardless, I knew I hadn’t run 7+ miles during a 10K so I soldiered on, and finished in a blazing 1:30:XX.  I really surprised myself that I came so close to my time from last year with as little training as I’ve had.  And I can’t wait to run this 10K again next year and hopefully PR.

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