So this is a running path and OMG I won!

A couple of hours after I finished a 10K, I hopped on a plane to a conference in the D.C. area.  I was on my feet a ton last week, and I had already accepted that my training would suffer because of the long hours.  But low and behold, the hotel connected to a for-real actual running path with asphalt and lane markers for people to run and bike, and signs with distances and such, not just a sidewalk 6 inches from the street like what we’re used to at home.

I ran up the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and you could see the Washington Monument.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my big ol’ head out of the way.  So at least I got my runs in.

Then when I got home, I had to run 8.5.  It’s literally been a year since I ran that far, and this time I had to do it without Mark.  I was slow, and I hit a wall at 7, but I got it done, and felt like I could have pushed a little bit further.  This past week Mark ran with me, which was super great for both of us.  We had 10 on the calendar this past Saturday and it went pretty darn well.  Now its time to taper, then this:

I’m trying not to lose my mind.

Then I randomly opened my blog reader and saw this:

So cool!  Thanks Run, Eat Repeat!  I won a pair of my favorites – ProCompression socks or sleeves.  My touchy shin requires me to wear compression every time I run, so I need all of the pairs I can get!

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