Space Coast Half 2014 Part 1

The day before Thanksgiving we headed down to Disney World for a couple of days to carb load and relax before the race. We had a pretty great time.

Until, that is, after Thanksgiving dinner. We opted for a non-traditional dinner at a Downtown Disney restaurant we’d been to several times. On the way back to the hotel, I started feeling a little off. An hour later, my dinner was violently departing my body and I spent the better part of the night worshiping the porcelain queen. This was NOT in the gameplan. I spent the entire next day resting, napping, and on a liquid diet. 24 hours after it started, I was able to safely take in some saltines. Thank goodness I have the best husband in the world, staying the whole day with me and reassuring me I would be able to get to the race.

After what should’ve been lunch on Saturday we loaded up and headed over to Cocoa for packet pickup.  After parking in a muddy field near the hotel with 6000 other runners, we made it into the expo, only to find that they had given Mark’s bib to someone else.  Once we got that straightened out, we got into the enormous line for race shirts to find that they had run out of men’s L and XL shirts.  Needless to say we were not impressed with the race organization up until this point.










A little food poisoning isn't gonna stop me! #SpaceCoast2014

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Race merchandise was pretty picked over at this point too, and we packed it up and headed to our hotel.  Let’s just put a note in here: whenever asked at a race hotel, always take the room on the bottom floor.  This one didn’t have an elevator, so Mark had to haul our luggage up and down the stairs.  This was not pretty after 13.1 miles.

We picked a pizza place for dinner, and I was finally able to eat solid food.  Breadsticks and pizza crust make great pre-race fuel, and eating was kinda key to my race.  Foreshadowing: it was too little too late.  Then we made our way back to the hotel and were in bed by 8:30.  3:30 came very early.

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