Why I’m Choosing Whole30 (ish)

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s the time of year that everybody makes resolutions, a lot of times related to health and fitness, but this post isn’t about that.

See, for many years I’ve had on again/off again issues with my digestive system.  Nothing I’ve ever had checked out by a doctor, but my father did have Crohn’s disease, and I know there are foods I have issues with, like bell peppers and sometimes dairy.  Last fall I started reading about this elimination diet that people were seeing results from, Whole30.  I read It Starts With Food , and bought into the idea that if I could stick to this plan for 30 days, I could see what irritates my stomach and make myself feel better overall.

Now, my diet isn’t terrible, but I tend to get lackadaisical about my portions and about sugar, so I’m hoping the Whole30 will help me reset my diet and my mind. So why now?  This is a low-carb diet, and I knew that it would not mesh well with half marathons last fall, and, well, I like Christmas cookies and egg nog.  Looking at the calendar,  January was the soonest month with no major races, and it was wedged nicely between the holidays and Mardi Gras (sorry, you can pry my rum and moonpies from my cold, dead hands).

But I am still training for the Gasparilla Half, and also running the Louisiana Quarter Marathon to hopefully with corral placement for Tinkerbell. And if I’ve learned nothing in the last 7 days, its that ultra-low-carb and distance running do not mix.  What was to be an 11 miler on Sunday ended up being a tear-filled 4.5 mile death march.

So back come the carbs and with them, my favorite salted caramel Gus, in much moderation.  Sometime after May and the Tinkerbell half I’ll revisit a strict Whole30, but until then I’ll keep enjoying some bacon and sweet potatoes, balanced with Friday night pizza.  Whole30-ish.

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