Wrapping up with Whole30 (ish)

Today is Day 28 of my Whole30(ish) adventure.  Although I technically have 2 days left, I can pretty much wrap up my experience here.  It’s been a good experience, and I think I’ll follow it more strictly sometime this summer, when my running load is a little less.  But I learned A LOT!

  • I need more healthy fats in my diet.  They keep me full and needing to snack less, and do NOT hurt my weight.
  • I need to eat a lot less than what I thought I did, especially after long runs.  Sure, I’m a little more hungry a day or two after, but I don’t need a whole pizza plus 3 cupcakes.  See #1.
  • Cutting down on carbs does help with weight loss.  I think I even saw an ab this morning.
  • Low carbs + running do NOT mix, at least for me.  I know there are many many Whole30/Paleo followers that would say to just work through it and fat-adapt, but even in week 3 I couldn’t finish running 2 miles.  Gu’s and pre-long run carbs got added back in pretty quickly.  And proper recovery meals, after it took almost 2 weeks for my legs to recover from a long run. But I did limit those processed carbs to fuel for runs, so it was still less than what I normally would eat.
  • I never got past being tired almost all the time.  No “tiger blood” for this girl.
  • I always meal prep for the week on Sundays, but cooking everything for 3 meals a day for two people for two weeks is really wearing me out.
  • I’m tired of eggs.  And I miss oatmeal and breakfast smoothies.  And honey in my tea.  And the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper.  I’m by no means a Coke addict (or coke addict), but I do like one as a treat every now and again.
  • Sugar is in EVERYTHING.  I’m a lot more aware of reading food labels and seeing where all this sugar is coming from.
  • Mostly, I don’t like not being able to make the choice to have something if I want it.  I need to be more in control of cravings, yes, but if, once a month, I want a cupcake, then dammit, I want to eat a cupcake.
  • I want a Girl Scout cookie REALLY REALLY BAD.

Yes please.

I have kept an eye on my weight (again, I’m not good at being a rule follower), and so far I’ve lost almost 6 pounds.  I won’t do a final weigh in until tomorrow for an official weight loss, but I’m pretty pleased.  Decreasing sugar and carbs has definitely helped how my pants are fitting, and probably the best thing has been that I haven’t had the stomach issues like I did prior to starting all of this.  I haven’t had to take Tums even once.  And in the end, that is the reason I started this little project.

I understand the necessity in completely eliminating potentially inflammatory foods from your diet, but for me, 30 days takes a lot of willpower.  I will complete the program in full compliance at some point, but overall for me a more balanced approach will be something I’m more likely to maintain.

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