Toenails…who needs ’em?

I’m back!  And, well, let’s just say plenty carbed up.  Hello Lent.

What I call a good start. #motiscoming

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I haven’t gone into much detail here on the blog about my training for the Gasparilla Half, coming up THIS. SUNDAY. Gah.  Do the race jitters ever get any better?

For the first time in a long time, I completed a full, 11-week training plan.  I only missed one or two runs, lost 2.5 toenails, and my Transcends, with 130 miles on them, look like this:

I guess I don’t need the guide rails?  I hate finding new shoes.

I adapted a training plan from Coach Jenny, adding a fourth day of running and true speedwork for the first time.  I suck at tempo runs.  I feel like I know two gears: slow, and go as fast as you can.

I can’t really see that its helping my pace any, but I’ve tried to follow the pacing that McMillian’s calculator gave me and am hoping the black magic just happens on race day.

I also upped my mileage quite a bit this time.  I had 2 or 3 weeks at 20+ miles, and 5 double-digit runs.  All but one really hilly, cold 12-mile run didn’t suck too bad.  All of this mileage really caught up to me, and I was exhausted for two or three weeks, but taper has been pretty nice. But you know one thing?  My shin has given me no problems at all!  Not a single one.  Sure, I spend up to an hour every night rolling and stretching, but I gotta do whatever’s necessary.

The plan for race day is 5 min run/1:30 walk, with an A goal of getting me to the finish line in 3:15.  I’ll be honest: right now the taper crazies have me doubting that goal, and I spent most of the last weekend trying to just forget about the race all together.  So here’s the cliffhanger…coming next week…the Gasparilla Half recap…did she make it?…or did she shuffle and cry for 13.1 miles?…find out…in our next episode!

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