McGuire’s Prediction Run Recap and Tink Week 2

Week 2 of Tink training went slightly better than Week 1.

Week 2’s plan: Monday: 4 mi  Rest – the head cold just won’t let go
Tuesday: bike/strength 4×400 with 1 mi wu/cd – where did all of this humidity come from?  So we go directly from winter to mid-summer now?
Wednesday: 2×1600 with 1 mile wu/cd  bike/strength
R: 3 mi – hey look, I actually ran a planned run!
F: rest
S: 5K
Su: 7 mi

Saturday we had 7 planned, but had signed up for the McGuire’s Prediction 5K, on of the biggest 5K’s in the country, so we postponed the long run until Sunday.

It’s a prediction run, and I can’t even remember what I predicted our times to be, but watches are considered cheating. It didn’t matter to us, though, because we just wanted to take it really easy since we were doing 7 miles on Sunday.

We drove over to Pensacola Friday after work to pick up our packets and avoid the chaos of race morning.  Did I mention there’s around 15,000 racers?  For a 5K?

Boy, did we not know what to expect!  Mark didn’t have any green, so he was in orange, and  I representing my favorite hydration tabs in the process. #nuunlove  We drove to Pensacola and met up with 2 other couple who also didn’t know what to expect.

Great 5K "race" today! #nuunlove #drinkingandrunning #mcguires5k

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We headed towards the starting line along with a sea of people in green, except for Mark, of course.

courtesy McGuire’s

Of course bagpiper’s started us off.

Mark and I did not need to worry about running easy: there was no running!  Well, except for the 2000 Marines who ran in formation and called cadence the entire way!  Otherwise, it was a 3-mile moving block party.

We made it a whole half a block before we made our first beer stop.

The girls kept walking and stopping for selfies, and the boys stopped by the Circle K for more beer.  We didn’t see them again until the race was over.  Turns out that they cut so much of the course they were DQ’ed!  Something like 4000 people didn’t finish, and my awesome time of 56:30 had me beating 1400 people.

And the costumes!  There was a bunch of bananas, an elephant, a pig, a man painted gold wearing a pot and trailing an 8 foot rainbow balloon banner, people wearing giant green solo cups (and nothing else) playing soccer the whole way, and that was just the beginning.

courtesy of McGuire’s


The afterparty was, of course, awesome.  We can’t wait to do it all again next year.


Week 3 plan:

M: 4 mi
T: bike/strength
W: 4 mi w/ 2 at tempo
R: 3 mi
F: rest
S: 9 mi

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