Tink Week 3 and a Tale of Two Runs

Ah, running.  You never know what a run is going to be like, even if everything about it seems the same as the last one.  Take, for example, my runs last Tuesday and Thursday.  And just for funsies, let’s compare and contrast.

                                                            Tuesday                                                    Thursday                                            

Distance                                                 4 mi                                                           4 mi

Location                                             neighborhood X                                            neighborhood X

Type                                                         Easy                                                       Tempo turned into easy

Weather                                                 75+ with 90+% humidity                              75+ with 90+% humidity

Time of day                                             Evening                                                     Evening

How I felt                                   Like I was flying on a cloud with the                     Like death. Overheating quickly.
eagles                                                      I hate running.  No fuel.

Performance                               Could’ve run 3 more miles                                Barely could keep 1:1 run/walk

And the real kicker here:

Total Time                                             1:04:XX                                                         1:05:XX

That’s right!  The terrible, horrible run where I walked at least as much as I ran and I stopped to keep from puking twice only took me a minute longer than the run where I felt terrific and like I was flying.  I’m not sure exactly what to make of this.  But I do know I hate humidity.

Otherwise, week 3 involved a couple of strength workouts, some time on the spin bike, and a very hot and humid 9 mile long run.

Week 4 planned

M: 3 mi
T: strength
W: 4 mi tempo
R: 2 mi
F: rest
S: Azalea Trail Run 10K – yay, I’m racing!
Su: strength

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