So What’s Next?

6 months, 5 half marathons,  3 10Ks/quarter half, 3 5Ks, 3 PRs.  I needed a little break. I wasn’t planning on nearly a month, but, hey, that’s what near-pneumonia will do for ya.

The plan for the summer is to focus on speed while keeping up a good base.  There will be intervals, hills, and short tempo runs, long runs of 6-8 miles, and weekly mileage around 15 mpw.  I want to build up my run-walk intervals so that they are longer (~1/2 mile running/ 1:30 walking) for distances up to the 5K.

All of this is with one goal in mind: breaking the 3 hour half marathon mark.  At the Space Coast half at the end of November.  This WILL happen.

Racing is pretty non-existent in the South until closer to the fall.  If I’m in good shape come late August/early September, I might try to break 40 minutes in a 5K.  Otherwise, the focus will be on Space Coast. As part of that training program, I’m registered for a local 12K (yeah, a 12K.  Weird, right?) and the Disney Wine & Dine half, and I’m excited about this one.  This was my first half, and the one where I broke my foot, so I want to go show this race who’s boss.  It also completes the Coast to Coast challenge, and you know I love 2 medal races.

With all that being said, blog posts may be few and far between before training cranks up in August, but you can still get updates on Twitter and Instagram @gorunglitter!

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