Here we go again

I’m finally well, off antibiotics, and back to running!  Just in time for the summer humidity.

Also for a fun little summer project, I decided to give up food.

I kid, I kid.  Of course I don’t have to give up food.  Just eat less of it.  But at least I get allofthe fruit.  And I love me some watermelon.

In the past I’ve done the online program.  I had great success under the old points program this way, but not so much with the new points. I’ve also tried tracking with free websites like My Fitness Pal, but I lose interest pretty fast.  So this time, I’m trying meetings.  On the down side, they are pretty expensive, but having somebody weigh me in seems to motivate me, and its easier to get my questions answered.  Last week a lady hit a 50 lb. loss, which was pretty impressive, and this week I’m out of town for work but found a meeting to go to.

I’m down a couple of pounds already, and I’ve committed to myself to keep with the program for 12 weeks and see what happens.  I don’t really have a goal weight in mind yet, but I want to lose to make running a bit easier.  Oh, and because I’m going here in 12 weeks:

Yes kids, I’m going to the South Pacific, and I’ve got to get bikini-ready if I’m going to spend 10 days straight in one!  That’s keeping me pretty motivated.

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