It’s Definitely Summer

Welcome to summer along the Gulf Coast, where the scalding heat combined with unbelievable humidity make you wish for those good old 20° days of winter.

Just in time to get back to running.  Good times.  Last week I had to go to Biloxi for work, and went for a rare morning run to clear all of the cigarette smoke from my lungs.  Lucky me, getting to stay in a casino for 3 days!  When I got back, my colleague let me know the heat index/RealFeel was 107°.  No wonder it felt hard.

Not the most scenic run. I found where the sidewalk ends. #nosleepingin

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What a beautiful run it was too.  At least they have a running path, which is more than I can say for where I live.

Running in the heat is speed training in disguise, right?  Breaking 3 hours has become my running mantra, and has gotten me through quite a few runs lately.  That and #nuunhydration.

The other thing that has gotten me through lately:  Watermelon.  God I love the stuff, and I’m blessed to live near the watermelon capitol of the world (yes, it’s a thing.)

Yummy! Looking forward to my lunch. #weightwatchers

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I have to walk the fine line of eating too many “free” fruit on Weight Watchers, though. Mark doesn’t love them, so I’m pretty much going through a melon a week by myself.  There are worse things in the world to do.

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