I’ve never been much of a cheerleader.

(this is NOT me.  But it could’ve been)

I’m even worse about being a cheerleader for myself.

2:59:59.  That’s 13 miles at less than a 13:45 minute pace.  That seems so far from where I am now, with a half PR of 3:17:XX and a 10K PR that translates into 3:08:XX.  I know I’ve run some miles during races at that pace or better, that that is what a training plan is for, that there will be a pacer I can try to cling to for dear life.  Maybe I’ll start the plan, a pretty aggressive plan for me, run some more miles, it will cool off, speedwork will work its voodoo magic, and I’ll gain confidence.  But right now I need to get out of my own head, put aside my fears of disappointment, and keep running those miles.

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