Run Ride Hydrate Virtual 10K #nuunlove

There isn’t a July 4 race locally, but I was able to celebrate the Fourth by doing a virtual 10K open to Nuun athletes and ambassadors, Run Ride Hydrate. Disclosure:  I am proud to be a #Nuunbassador, and I paid for my race entry with my own money.

A Nuun virtual run is so appropriate for summer here in the South, because Nuun replenishes all the electrolytes I lose running in the heat and humidity, and without the calories of other sports drinks. #nuunlove The race had options for runners and cyclists, and I chose the 10K option because it jives with what I’ve been doing for a long run lately.

The week of the race I got some sweet Nuun swag.

Ready to get my 10K on! Thanks @nuunhydration #nuunbassador #nuunlove

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It was super humid Saturday morning, but at least it was sort of overcast for most of the run.  I even froze my bottle of Nuun the night before, but I didn’t let it start thawing in time and ended up with a completely frozen bottle at the end of the run.

Nuun let me know I should only freeze half the bottle.  Gonna have to remember that for this weekend.  Also, yes, that does say it feels like 105°.  And yes, it did. The run pretty much sucked.  I think my sweat was sweating.

My virtual “race” was much more like a real-life swamp run.  I was kind of embarrassed to upload my time, and I do think I was the dead last female 10K, but it was the best I could do.  And I did get a medal for it.

It’s hard to believe my 10K PR is almost 25 minutes faster, but that’s what humidity will do to you.  It’s just making me stronger for fall races, right?

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