Back on the Training Train

And just like that, its time to start fall half marathon training!  2:59:59 isn’t gonna run itself!

I got me some sweet new kicks,

and someplace to write it all down,

I guess training is about to start. #backatit

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and a road map to get there.

See those yellow boxes?  That’s why this plan seems a little long.  Those yellow boxes mean I’m going to be here

and I’m not so sure how how much running will get done.  But lots of swimming and SUP and other things will happen.

I found a plan online and modified it some to fit my schedule.  This plan concentrates less on long runs and more on speedwork and overall volume.  I’ll be running 4 days a week, with a tempo run and track intervals every week plus one easy run and one long run.  Cross training will involve one day of lifting and one day of yoga.  Adding yoga back to my routine seems to have really helped tightness in my hips. I’ve been keeping up a good base, and so far have remained injury-free, except for kissing the pavement last weekend.  Luckily I only came away with a little road rash and a sore shoulder.  I was glad I didn’t break anything, like my Garmin. But even though its been a little warm

I’ve been running pretty consistently and have added back in hills at least once a week.  I feel like my long runs are less of a struggle and like I’m ready to add some miles.  So here’s to speedwork and a 7 miler this weekend.

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One Response to Back on the Training Train

  1. Umm, pretty much totally jealous of that trip! And heck, yeah, it’s totally an oven here. So over it.


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