Spirit of Prevention 5K and Fleet Feet

The weekend before my half marathon training plan started, I thought it would be a good idea to trade a long run for some speedwork, and signed us up for the Spirit of Prevention 5K.  It was just a few minutes from our house, but it was going to be hot and humid.

Hopefully not too hot.  I didn’t want to ride in this:

I have a history with hot and humid 5K’s, so doing this was nothing new.  I wanted to push the pace, but I didn’t think a PR was worth it in this weather.  It was a mostly flat course that started and ended at the Battleship and ran along the Bay, over one bridge and back.

This was the first time they’ve held this 5K, and they did a pretty good job.  There were about 100 people, and right at 7:30 the gun buzzer went off.

We went out too fast (of course), and the heat really wore on me, and I took the bridge too fast on the way out.

However, I ended up about 45 seconds off a PR.  Honestly I had no idea what my 5K PR is, so I was a little frustrated that I could’ve pushed just a little harder to get there. But it was a good boost and I’ll have another chance soon.

Repped Nuun, of course. #nuunlove

The cold mango-scented towels at the finish were my favorite.

Afterwards we headed over to the grand opening of our local Fleet Feet to run a couple of miles and see the new store.

Thanks for the pic, Fleet Feet Mobile!

It’s like Where’s Waldo.  But I promise I’m in the back back there.

The Brooks rep was there with a corn hole game, and there were pancakes.  I didn’t partake in the pancakes, ’cause, you know, Weight Watchers, but I did try corn hole, and I won!

Too bad it’s not a new pair of shoes.  Oh well.

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