Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Here we are, two weeks into training for the Space Coast Half, and I’ve already ditched my training plan.  I started feeling pretty uneasy about back-to-back hard workouts with so few easy miles, so mid-week 2 I moved to a plan via Runner’s World Smart Coach program.

Week 1

M: Easy 3
T: Yoga
W: 3 mi Tempo
R: 4x400s
F: Rest
S: 7 mi
Su: Weights

The first week went pretty well.  Thursday’s track session got rained out by one of our famous southern afternoon thunderstorms, but I hit the prescribed paces pretty well and was happy with my first ever tempo run on Tuesday.

We’ve been running our long runs on a new route, and its a tiny bit hilly.

Pretty much crushed it today. #howispendsaturdays

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Week 2

M: Easy 3
T: 3.1 mi tempo
W: 4×800  yoga
R: Rest  Easy 3
F: Rest/yoga
S: 8 mi
Su: weights

I started the week strong, using the Crime Prevention 5K Tuesday night for my tempo run.

Last night's start line is still out there. #justlikeboston #midweek5k

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I ran the same race last year, and its what convinced me to go see Dr. Justin.  According to my watch, this one was a 5K PR by about a second, but since the official time is a gun time, it’s going to stay unofficial.

Time (official): 43:23 (43:13 Garmin)
Overall: 273/314
AG: 21/21

But when Wednesday rolled around, I was in no shape for track intervals.  My right IT is giving me a little problem, and I don’t want any repeats of what happened at my first half.  So I whined to people consulted my experts and made the switch.  Winston approved.

Saturday morning’s long run was super humid.  By the end of the run I literally looked like I had jumped in the Bay fully clothed.  I could wring water/sweat out of my Nike Tempo shorts.  It was ridiculous, and I compensated by dropping the run interval of my run/walk down 30 seconds.  Sure, my pace was just under a minute more than what I was shooting for, but I didn’t die from heat stroke.

And that was a good thing because I was hosting my sister’s baby shower that afternoon.  I folded tissue paper and glued glitter to things for months preparing for this.

Pinterest would’ve been jealous.  All the decorating wore Roxie out.

I can’t wait to meet my niece in October!

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