Week 3: Intervals

Last Wednesday we headed to the high school for our first intervals of the training plan.  The were filming a movie that made parking tough.  I wish I’d taken a picture.  I guess the kid from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is in it.  Not Johnny Depp.  I definitely would’ve taken a picture of Johnny Depp.

I was focused on the 2x1600s we had to do.  I’ve done shorter repeats in the past, but nothing this long, and I was supposed to hit 13:10, which I pretty much thought was impossible.  And it was hot and humid.  And parents of the tiny might football team were standing in the middle of the track so they can self-coach little Johnny by yelling from 20 yards away about his helmet. We only nearly took out 3 people this week.  Ugh.

Anyway,  we got underway, and this happened:

I didn't know this was even possible! They were supposed to be 13:10's.

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Please not: I have run, up to this point, exactly 1 sub-13 minute mile IN MY LIFE.

Will miracles never cease. I did skip the mile cool down though. My legs were tired.

As a reward, I did this:

A thing of beauty. #runhappy

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and this:

Back again!

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which took care of the pain I’ve had in my arse for about 9 months now.  Thank you Dr. Justin.

Week 3
M: 3 easy
T: yoga
W: 2×1600
R: 3 “easy” – this was not easy after Wednesday
F: sweet, sweet rest
S: 9 mi
S: lifting

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