I always knew he is a voodoo doctor

Back when I first went to the sports chiro last year, I called him a voodoo doctor.  Now he’s living up to his name!  Last week I finished up treatments for an impingement in my hamstring, but my knee kept getting stiff when I’d sit down.  Turns out my IT was “horribly inflamed,” even though it didn’t keep me from running (thank God).  He worked on in a little, I punched him in the face and cried, and then he prescribed it: Voodoo Flossing.

So, at the advice of my voodoo doc, I stopped by Target and purchased a bicycle inner tube, wrapped it around my thigh, and squatted.

Does it work?  Who knows.  I mean, he also massaged, cupped, accupressed, and KT taped, and now it feels better.  But it didn’t hurt anything either, and I got in a few hundred more squats.

A couple of days later was our 10th wedding anniversary, and we spent a nice weekend at a nice resort about 30 minutes from home.  I really needed that.

Training is going pretty well.  I’m running a bit faster overall, so I’m pleased. I even ran an under-13 minute mile without stopping this week!  There’s a 10-miler scheduled this Saturday, so I’m praying its less than 90% humidity. I’ve also found the greatest summertime post-run treat ever:

Summertime refueling #sonicslushie #coolinacup #blueheaven

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Week 4
M: 4 easy
T: yoga
W: 4 easy
R: 4 easy
F: rest
S: 6 mi tempo
S: lifting

Week 5
M: 3 easy
T: yoga
W: 5 w/ 3@tempo
R: 3 easy
F: rest
S: 10 mi tempo
S: lifting

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