My 2016 Plans

Hidy-ho there!  It’s another year, and I’m back to training.  In 2015, I ran 11 races, including 4.5 half marathons, earned my Coast to Coast medal from Disney, and did not come anywhere close to breaking 3 hours in a half marathon.  And I also burned myself out on running.  Right now for 2016 I have no goals other than to have fun at the races I do, and do my best to improve my time.  I want to run a race per month to keep in starting line practice. Here’s what’s on the calendar so far:

February 28 – Rock n’ Roll NOLA.  I’m going back to where it all started and to finish my original running goal that my broken foot kept me from: run the NOLA half.




March – Excalibur 10 Miler.  Because the medal is just too cool. Guaranteed to be a PR since I nearly gave myself heat stroke at the Tower of Terror 10-Miler.

April –  DH is running the challenge (10K+Half), so I’m in for moral support on day 2.  Plus, I’m not going to sit out on earning a Disney medal!

November #1 – Rock n’ Roll Vegas Half.  How about a little runcation and get to run on the Vegas Strip at night?  Hell yes!  It’s been way too long since we visited Sin City, so 2016 it is!

November #2 – Space Coast  Half.  Just a couple of weeks after Vegas I plan to make a return trip to Cocoa, FL for our third Space Coast half.  No PR dreams this time; just the goal of the Milky Way challenge medal.

You can see I’m far from 12 races, so I’ll have to pick up a few local 5K’s and such.  No pressure, just consistent running and racing.

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