I’m a Stinkin’ Genius and Training Update

Training for Rock n’ Roll NOLA has been trucking along.  Between sickness, Mardi Gras, and dental work I haven’t been getting in all the miles prescribed in my plan, but I’m running at least 4 days a week.  Last Sunday was my first truly long run since November: 8.5 miles (I HATE all the .5 miles in this plan!), and I did just fine and wasn’t a hobbled troll for days after.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s winter, and its dark outside by the time I get off work and can run.  I try to stick to lighted areas, but even the lighting in our neighborhood leaves a lot to be desired.  So this year I invested eight whole dollars in a head lamp.

Guess I really have to run in the dark now. #shizgettinreal

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But I didn’t love running with it.  I had to keep my head ducked down to keep the light in a spot that actually helped me see where I was going.  And I kept blinding Mark when I’d try to talk to him. So I came up with a genius idea.

I unclipped the light from the headband and clipped it to my race belt!  It fit perfectly and now I have a belly light!

The spot is perfect and it doesn’t swing quite as bad as when it was on my head.  And Mr. Winston approves.

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