Happy Ash Wednesday everybody.  I’m drying out from Mardi Gras over here, and the countdown to the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll half is on.

I’ve been missing quite a few runs between Mardi Gras activities and the weather, and feeling pretty undertrained for this one.  But it turns out that I ran as many miles in January as October and November, so I’m probably where I need to be, mileage-wise. I’m running my 2 double-digit mileage runs this week, then hello Taper Town.

And how do I know how many miles I’ve run?  Why, my handy dandy Garmin Forerunner 220, of course.  I love this watch.  It’s easy to use, doesn’t have a touch screen, and has alerts for run/walk intervals.  That is, I DID love that watch, until my 9 mile run a couple of weekends ago, when I decided Garmie needed to meet Mr. Sidewalk.


I didn’t know a glass watch face would crush like that.  Amazingly, it still worked perfectly, but the big holes in the glass meant it wouldn’t for long.  And I think some of that glass is still embedded in my palm.  Thank goodness my watch took the brunt of the damage and not my body.  Or my teeth.  And I still had to go 4 miles back to the car.

Mark insisted I buy a new watch as soon as we got home, and a friend told me Amazon was having a huge Garmin sale.  I also contacted Garmin, and being the wonderful company that they are, offered to replace my 220 for a very reasonable price, and Mark was looking to upgrade, so we have 2 new running watches in the house.

I chose the new Garmin VivoActive.

Yes, my hand is still bandaged up a week later.

I’ve been wearing it as my watch all the time, because it combines a GPS watch and a step counter, replacing my VivoFit.

It’s also a smart watch, with weather and calendar apps and email and text notifications.

It does have a touch screen, but I haven’t had much problem with it even wearing gloves.  It can track walking, biking, and swimming, and also golf, which is useless to me but I’m sure some people like that.

It also has a run/walk alert, but only vibrates.  I’m so conditioned to the chime the FR220 played I’m having to really pay attention to make sure I don’t miss the vibration, and to differentiate between that vibration, the mile lap vibration, the step goal vibration, etc. I’ve also had some problems with it talking to my phone. So I’m still getting used to my new toy, but so its a success!

BTW, Garmin did not sponsor this post.  Nor is it meant to be a full review, just sharing my experience.  For a great full review, go here.

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