Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half 2016 Part 1

After the Tinkerbell Half last year, I swore off spring half marathons. After fall and winter races, adding those weeks is just too much training, more mentally than physically, and the weather in the south is too unpredictable. It starts getting hot and humid, and there’s lots more rain. But I’d promised Mark that if Disney ever had a Star Wars race in Florida, we would do it. And of course, they did. Mark registered (OK, I registered him) for the 10K/Half challenge, and I was kind to my body and just registered for the half.

We drove in late Wednesday and checked into Boardwalk.


Mark, an experienced Star Wars-er got up early Thursday to get in line for merchandise. It was scheduled to open at 10, but opened at 9, and he was able to grt everything he wanted. I took the bus and got there at 10:30, picked up my bib and a new sparkle skirt.

We drove to Animal Kingdom, then walked to Epcot for dinner. We decided that we wouldn’t try PR, just finish strong, and have fun on our vacation the days before the race.

Friday I did quick shakeout run, then went and had fun in parks, but walked way too much. I walked nearly 10.5 miles that day.

We had a terrible pasta dinner in the Magic Kingdom and went to bed around 10.

The alarm went off at 3 am Saturday for the 10K. Mark left and I went back to bed until 5. I got up and got dressed and walked downstairs to spectate.

It was pretty humid and the course looked pretty crowded, but most of the runners looked like they were having a great time.

My sign got LOTS of laughs, a couple of high fives, 4 selfies, and 3 sweaty hugs from strangers?

I saw Mark and our friends also running the challenge looking strong at mile 2. I love spectating races. I went back upstairs to nap while Mark finished and took pictures.

We headed to Magic Kingdom for lunch and some rides, and wandered around Epcot until our early pizza dinner, which was delish. I did better taking it easy, but had tired legs from our first few days. We laid out clothes, I taped everything from the waist down, and 10 pm bedtime again.

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